Thursday, June 29

Host Day Fun

After a strong day of Junior competitions, Thursday is National Convention Host Day. Guests could choose one of three tour options, each offering a unique opportunity.

The first tour, “Farm tour,” headed north to tour Sildahl Farms, breeders of renowned bulls such as Sidahl BW Dutch Boy-ET, Sildahl Airraid, and Sidahl Jett Air-ET, as well as two All-Americans. Another stop was Ronelee Farm where we viewed members of the world famous Ronelee Outside Dabble family, including dams and sisters of Ronelee Toystory Domain-ET, Ronelee Midnight Detour-ET, Ronelee Gold Digger-ET, Ronelee Alta Ace High, Ronelee SS Fire and Ice-ET. At the final stop, Markwell Raspberries housed some of the best cows in the state for the day, and showcased their raspberry operation, complete with a tasty treat of raspberries and Edaleen Dairy ice cream. Below are a few highlights from the farm tour.
First stop on the Farm Tour was Sildahl Farms, the Schoenbachler family.
Attendees had the opportunity to view some of Sindahl Farms finest Registered Holsteins.
(l-r) Daniel Kitchen, Pennsylvania, Matt Boop, Pennsylvania, Nathan Arthur, Iowa,
Sarah Thomas, North Carolina, Doug Boop, Pennsylvania and Laura Lester, Pennsylvania  
Andrew King, National Sales Representative, commends members of the Schoenbachler family for a job well done.
Our second stop of the day was Ronelee Holsteins, the Polinders. 
The Polinder family welcome guests to their farm as they tell the history of Ronelee Holsteins. 
Not only did attendees enjoy viewing their cattle, they took in the beautiful Washington views. 
After Ronelee Holsteins, we stopped at Markwell Raspberries to tour their raspberry and blueberry operation. They showcased Holsteins from around the state of Washington as well.

The raspberry and blueberry picker they use to harvest their crop.
Other tour options included “Whale Watching” and “Explore Seattle City.” Throughout the summer you are able to watch three resident pods of Orca whales near Bellevue. The San Juan Islands are home to a diverse community of wildlife. On the Whale Watching tour, besides whales, members also spotted harbor seals, sea lions, and harbor porpoise, bald eagles and many types of sea birds.

Seattle is meant to be experienced. The “Explore Seattle City” tour allowed for multiple stops to experience the city first hand. Some of the big sights are the Pike Place Market, the Space Needle and Pioneer Square, as well as the diverse neighborhoods that give Seattle so much character – Fremont, Queen Anne, Ballard, Chinatown and more.

The evening was rounded out with a visit to the Seattle’s Museum of Flight for a night of fun. The Museum of Flight is the largest independent air and space museum in the world and is home to over 175 aircraft and spacecrafts.

Friday is sure to be action packed with the start of the 132nd Annual Meeting, Dairy Bowl competitions and the National Sale! Be sure to check back for updates.

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