Saturday, July 1

Annual Award Winners Announced at Final Convention Banquet!

Concluding a successful National Holstein Convention was the announcement of our annual Holstein Association USA award winners! Catch the excitement and get to know these outstanding breeders with these video introductions.

Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder: Craig Carncross, Lodi, Wisconsin

Elite Breeder: Olmar Farms, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

Distinguished Leadership Award: Gerald “Jerry” Strandlund, Bellingham, Washington

Watch your mailboxes for the Summer 2017 issue of the Holstein Pulse, which will feature more in-depth Convention coverage.

Results from the Junior Awards Luncheon!

Several outstanding Holstein Junior members were recognized at the 2017 National Junior Awards Luncheon on Saturday, July 1, in Bellevue, Washington.

More coverage and pictures will be provided in the Summer 2017 Holstein Pulse, following is a listing of the various winners who were recognized for their achievements!

Dairy Bowl
Junior Division (ages 9-15 as of January 1)
Champions: Pennsylvania
Runner-ups: New York

Senior Division (ages 16-21 as of January 1)
Champions: Illinois
Runner-ups: California

For more information on the dairy bowl contest, visit the Holstein Foundation website.

Dairy Knowledge Exam
Junior Division (ages 9-15 as of January 1)
1st place: Andrew Bartelheimer, Washington
2nd place: Caroline Arrowsmith, Pennsylvania
3rd place: Daniel Clapp, Massachusetts

Senior Division (ages 16-21 as of January 1)
1st place: Mackenzie Elmer, California
2nd place: Abbi Prins, California
3rd place: Haley Fernandes, California

Prepared Public Speaking
Junior Division (ages 9-13 as of January 1)
1st place: Julia Heijkoop, Florida
2nd place: Shelby Sumner, Florida
3rd place: Clancey Krahn, Oregon

Intermediate Division (ages 14-17 as of January 1)
1st place: Brianna Meyer, Wisconsin
2nd place: Danielle Herrick, New York
3rd place: Gracelyn Krahn, Oregon

Senior Division (ages 18-21 as of January 1)
1st place: Lora Wright, Missouri
2nd place: Brock Irwin, Illinois
3rd place: Ariel Staffin, New Jersey

Folding Display Contest - Creative Division
Junior Division (ages 9-13 as of January 1)
1st place: Danica Rupard, Washington
2nd place: Sarah Craun, Virginia
3rd place: Jenna Larson, Florida

Intermediate Division (ages 14-17 as of January 1)
1st place: Mycai Brooks, North Carolina
2nd place: Anna Teachman, Washington
3rd place: Molly O’Sullivan, New Jersey

Senior Division (ages 18-21 as of January 1)
1st place: Courtney Moser, Wisconsin
2nd place: Nicole Buell, Washington
3rd place: Elizabeth Acel, Pennsylvania

Folding Display Contest - Scientific Division
Junior Division (ages 9-13 as of January 1)
1st place: Makenna Mase, Pennsylvania 
2nd place: Rachel Craun, Virginia
3rd place: Shelby Sumner, Florida

Intermediate Division (ages 14-17 as of January 1)
1st place: Cole Verano, Florida
2nd place: Barlie Schultz, Washington
3rd place: Kara Teachman, Washington

Senior Division (ages 18-21 as of January 1)
1st place: Marcy Bartelheimer, Washington
2nd place: Katelyn Neff, Pennsylvania

State Scrapbook - Traditional Division
1st place: Illinois
2nd place: Pennsylvania
3rd place: New England
4th place: Iowa
5th place: Washington

State Scrapbook - Digital Division
1st place: Florida
2nd place: New England
3rd place: Ohio
4th place: New York
5th place: Illinois

State Banner
1st place: Missouri
2nd place: Michigan
3rd place: Washington

Also, announced at the Junior Awards Luncheon were the six Distinguished Junior Member finalists:

Douglas Boop, Millmont, Pennsylvania 
Emily Irwin, Belvidere, Illinois 
Carley Krull, Lake Mills, Wisconsin 
Laura Lesher, Bernville, Pennsylvania 
Tony Lopes, Gustine, California 
Austin Schmitt, Rice, Minnesota 

For more information about the other Holstein Association youth programs, visit the Holstein Association USA Junior website!

Board of Director Elections Held During 2017 Holstein Association USA Annual Business Meeting

At the 2017 Holstein Association USA Annual Meeting, a large responsibility of the delegates was to vote on and elect new officers and directors to the Holstein USA Board of Directors. Candidates elected by the delegates were:

President: Boyd Schaufelberger, Illinois
Vice President: Corey Geiger, Wisconsin
Region 2 Director: John Burket, Pennsylvania
Region 3 Director: Steve Moff, Ohio
Region 7 Director: Dwight Rokey, Kansas
At-Large Director: Dale Drendel, Illinois 

Watch the Holstein Association USA website soon for a complete press release regarding Holstein Association USA's 132nd Annual Business Meeting!

Friday, June 30

132nd Annual Meeting- Day 1

The first day of the Holstein Association USA’s Annual Meeting was full of excitement and energy for the Holstein breed. Starting off the meeting was an Early Bird session featuring a discussion with Dr. Dan Weigel of Zoetis. It has been over a year since Zoetis launched the CLARIFIDE® Plus predictions for common disease outcomes (Mastitis, Lameness, Metritis, Retained Placenta, Displaced Abomasum, and Ketosis).  The presentation reviewed recent research that demonstrates how well the genetic predictions translate into actual performance in Holstein herds from across the US.

One of the more enjoyable activities that occurs during the National Convention are the various recognitions given to members with notable accomplishments. Presentations were made during the Annual Meeting recognizing the Herds of Excellence and Star of the Breed honorees, as well as acknowledging 175 40-year members.

2017 Herds of Excellence

2016 Star of the Breed

After lunch Michele Ruby presented a keynote titled, “A Story Worth Telling.” The keynote provided attendees with useful tips to sucessfully communicate with the general public, in a meaningful and memorable way. Core story techniques help us tell our story quickly and effectively, and will help tell a story that's as interesting to them, as it is to you. 

While Holstein Association USA’s Annual Business Meeting was underway, Junior members battled for a chance at the National Holstein Dairy Bowl championship! Finals will be held tomorrow morning, prior to the National Junior Forum. In the Junior division, teams from Pennsylvania and New York advanced to the finals! In the Senior division, the team from Illinois also made the finals, and they will battle it out with California for dairy knowledge supremacy!

Tomorrow will be an exciting day for Juniors all around, as results from many of the week's contests, including the coveted Distinguished Junior Member Finalists, will be announced. Stay tuned for complete results Saturday evening!

On the adult side, new officer and director candidates will be elected during tomorrow's continuation of the Business Meeting. Keep up to date by following us on Facebook, or check back on the blog for complete results!

Closing out the evening was the 2017 Holstein Convention Sale. During the sale, youth relaxed and enjoyed some competitive “Minute to Win It" games. The finale of the night will be drawings for five different amazing prizes.

Cattle being prepped to go into the sale arena. 
The sale had a full house.
There were 25 live lots during the Convention Sale.

Thursday, June 29

Host Day Fun

After a strong day of Junior competitions, Thursday is National Convention Host Day. Guests could choose one of three tour options, each offering a unique opportunity.

The first tour, “Farm tour,” headed north to tour Sildahl Farms, breeders of renowned bulls such as Sidahl BW Dutch Boy-ET, Sildahl Airraid, and Sidahl Jett Air-ET, as well as two All-Americans. Another stop was Ronelee Farm where we viewed members of the world famous Ronelee Outside Dabble family, including dams and sisters of Ronelee Toystory Domain-ET, Ronelee Midnight Detour-ET, Ronelee Gold Digger-ET, Ronelee Alta Ace High, Ronelee SS Fire and Ice-ET. At the final stop, Markwell Raspberries housed some of the best cows in the state for the day, and showcased their raspberry operation, complete with a tasty treat of raspberries and Edaleen Dairy ice cream. Below are a few highlights from the farm tour.
First stop on the Farm Tour was Sildahl Farms, the Schoenbachler family.
Attendees had the opportunity to view some of Sindahl Farms finest Registered Holsteins.
(l-r) Daniel Kitchen, Pennsylvania, Matt Boop, Pennsylvania, Nathan Arthur, Iowa,
Sarah Thomas, North Carolina, Doug Boop, Pennsylvania and Laura Lester, Pennsylvania  
Andrew King, National Sales Representative, commends members of the Schoenbachler family for a job well done.
Our second stop of the day was Ronelee Holsteins, the Polinders. 
The Polinder family welcome guests to their farm as they tell the history of Ronelee Holsteins. 
Not only did attendees enjoy viewing their cattle, they took in the beautiful Washington views. 
After Ronelee Holsteins, we stopped at Markwell Raspberries to tour their raspberry and blueberry operation. They showcased Holsteins from around the state of Washington as well.

The raspberry and blueberry picker they use to harvest their crop.
Other tour options included “Whale Watching” and “Explore Seattle City.” Throughout the summer you are able to watch three resident pods of Orca whales near Bellevue. The San Juan Islands are home to a diverse community of wildlife. On the Whale Watching tour, besides whales, members also spotted harbor seals, sea lions, and harbor porpoise, bald eagles and many types of sea birds.

Seattle is meant to be experienced. The “Explore Seattle City” tour allowed for multiple stops to experience the city first hand. Some of the big sights are the Pike Place Market, the Space Needle and Pioneer Square, as well as the diverse neighborhoods that give Seattle so much character – Fremont, Queen Anne, Ballard, Chinatown and more.

The evening was rounded out with a visit to the Seattle’s Museum of Flight for a night of fun. The Museum of Flight is the largest independent air and space museum in the world and is home to over 175 aircraft and spacecrafts.

Friday is sure to be action packed with the start of the 132nd Annual Meeting, Dairy Bowl competitions and the National Sale! Be sure to check back for updates.