Tuesday, June 27

Junior Convention Has Started

The Junior Convention kicked off with a Youth Genomics Workshop and the Junior Welcome. Lindsey Worden, Holstein Association USA, Inc. Executive Director of Genetic Services, presented to Junior members about “Genomics: The Next Frontier.” She discussed how a genetic test goes from the lab to your hand and all the in and outs of genomically testing Holsteins. 

Lindsey Worden, Executive Director of Genetic Services, kicked off the Junior Convention with her workshop.

Juniors had a great time during the workshop and learned a lot.

Juniors worked together to complete the activities.  
This group is discussing a possible answer to the question. 
This group is collaborating to finish the packet.

An evening of pizza and sports. After the workshop, Juniors enjoyed an evening of Domino’s pizza and competed in various sport events. It was a marathon of Fuel Up to Play 60.

Paula, Grace, Hannah and Madeline Hensel of Wisconsin are excited for a night of fun!
Libby Swatling and Lauren King from New York enjoyed their first night of Convention.  
Juniors enjoyed pizza and ice cream. 

Juniors played different Fuel Up to Play 60 games as ice breakers.

Check back tomorrow for more highlights!

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